How to Decorate an Arts and Crafts Home: Mission Style Design in Furniture and Decor

Walls and Floors

Wood floors, rugs, tiles, paneling and wallpaper choices are key to creating an arts and crafts style.

  • Opt for white painted walls, wainscoting or wallpaper inspired by nature (leaves, fruit, birds, vines).
  • Polish or stain old wooden floors and soften with sisal rugs.
  • Choose art tiles and use them creatively in hallways, around fireplaces, on bathroom walls and floors.


Choose simple designs and natural fabrics in drapes, wall hangings and upholstery.

  • Use a dense brocade drape for a formal look, or a honeysuckle or willow design for a more casual feel.
  • Wall hangings can be elegant silk on linen, an elaborate tapestry design or a simple woven wool.
  • Avoid fussy flounced fabrics in upholstery choices. Leather is a good option (and pet friendly as well).


Arts and crafts style furniture relies upon simple handcrafted designs in chairs, settles and tables.

  • Use natural wooden chairs with ladder-backs and rush or leather seats. Corner chairs, armchairs and round chairs are good choices.
  • Settles are bench-style seats, often with both a back and base that will protect against drafts. Try a simple wooden bench lined with cushions.
  • Tables are functional, so skip the fussy cloths and let a natural wood surface shine. Choose simple pine or oak in a functional design, such as a trestle table.


Accessorize with handcrafted metalware, ceramics and glassware in the clean lines which are a hallmark of Arts and Crafts style.

  • Metalware can be incorporated in a picture frame of pewter, beaten copper teapot or silver relief vase.
  • Choose glazed plates, lidded bowls and vases which feature flower, leaf and animal motifs.
  • Look for decorative iridescent and colored glass in bold-shaped vases, wine glasses and decanters.

Living in the Arts and Crafts Style is filled with beautiful and inspirational pictures. The chapters show how to use the suggested materials in different rooms, including home office, bathrooms, dining and living rooms. There are tips incorporated which suggest ways to recognize authentic design when choosing accessories. These selection guides will help any shopper make purchases with confidence. The back of the book includes a shopping resource for suppliers of varying materials, and a list of Arts and Crafts houses to tour in the U.S. and U.K. for further inspiration.

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