Top 7 hacks for DIY Gutter Cleaning

Though most experts advise that gutter cleaning should be done by a professional, you can still clean them on your own particularly if you know what needs to be done. However, you should understand that the exercise can be dangerous if you are not aware of what should be done. This is the primary reason we have compiled the following safety tips to avoid trips to the emergency rooms and damage to your home.

1. Pick the right ladder: various houses may require a specific ladder. Therefore, you must pick one that is ideal for the job. Consider using the four-legged stepladder for a single-story house while you will require an extension ladder when cleaning gutters in houses that are multi-story.

2. Don’t rest the ladder on the gutters: Gutters aren’t designed to withstand a lot of pressure and placing the ladder on the gutters will damage them and in worst cases, make them collapse.

3. Always inspect your ladder: a good ladder must be sturdy and all its steps in perfect condition. To inspect the ladder, you can climb the first two steps and check if they are well-fixed. If you want to use the ladder in an area that has soft soil, you can consider placing plywood under the ladder.

4. Use thick work gloves: Such gloves will protect your hands from animal waste, dirt, sharp objects and other hazards associated with gutter cleaning. Suede or leather gloves will effectively protect your hands.

5. Wear Rubber-soled shoes: While cleaning your gutters, you will need a shoe sole that has perfect grip. Perhaps you will need to walk on the roof and climb a ladder. Such a shoe will protect you from sliding off the roof or ladder.

6. Don’t ignore a spotter: one of the perfect ways to keep your ladder sturdy while working is by having someone hold the ladder as you work. If you can’t get someone to help, always keep your two legs and one leg on the ladder as you work to avoid falling. That implies that you will need to work with one hand.

7. Use a gutter scoop: If you have to remove big debris and other pieces of wood and leaves, you will need a gutter scoop to make the task easier. I strongly advise that you should use a plastic gutter scoop.

To safely clean your gutters, follow the guidelines outlined in this article.


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