Birdbath Garden Table

From Old Ugly Birdbath to New Garden Table

It’s been sitting in the corner of your yard for several years and is green and discolored from age. Sometimes that makes garden items look vintage and homey, but sometimes they just look old. You can take an old birdbath and turn it into an unique garden table for the patio or yard this summer that will add a nice touch of whimsey to the decor.

You will need an old birdbath, a foam paintbrush, 1/4″ glass cut to fit the top of the birdbath, a trim roller, some dark green latex paint or paint color of your choice, some seashells, dried flowers, marbles or other miscellaneous decorative items, white staining glaze and some colorful stones.

Wash and clean the birdbath. Paint with primer to seal and prepare for the main paint choice. Paint the birdbath with green paint or paint of your choice, let it dry. Finish by using the roller to apply a white glaze over the painted surface to highlight the texture of the birdbath.

When the birdbath is dry, fill the bowl with whatever appeals to your artistic sense. You can use a floral arrangement with bird nests, birdeggs, moss, bits of twigs and grasses. Or you could do a seashore scene using up all those old shells in boxes in the basement. Perhaps a miniature city with children’s toys, trucks, figurines. You might want to glue or attach some of the items to secure them in place. For the seashore scene you could use sand or colored sand as the base for the shells, beachglass or stones you add to the scene.

You will have to have the glass cut to fit the measurement of the birdbath. Have it cut to fit just below and inside the lip of the birdbath to prevent sliding.

Enjoy your new garden table! If you get bored with the scene inside, change it!

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